Your Automobile

Driver Training Discount:  This is for new drivers.  With driver training from a recognized driver training program you will start with a better driving record, which means lower rates.

Graduated License Discounts:  Drivers who progress through the graduated licensing system should receive a rate reduction on all coverages, provided that the driver has had no chargeable convictions or at-fault accidents when entering into your Class G2 license. This reduction is applicable for one year. Similarly, a driver should receive a rate reduction on all coverages when the driver becomes fully licensed (Class G license), provided that the driver has had no chargeable convictions or at-fault accidents during their G2. This reduction is also applicable for one year.

Mature Driver Discount: Drivers with good driving records over a certain mature age may be eligible for a mature driver discount.  Age has benefits!

Multi-Policy Discount: Some insurance companies offer a discount if you purchase your vehicle and home insurance from the same company.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: Some companies provide a discount if you insure more than one vehicle with them.  This could include a motorcycle, ATV, motorhome or snowmobile.

Renewal/Loyalty Discount: Your insurance company may offer you a renewal discount if you have been with the company for a certain number of years without an at-fault accident.

Retiree Discount: If you are retired and meet certain conditions, you may be eligible for a retiree discount.

Winter Tires Discount: All insurance companies offer a discount if you install winter tires on your vehicle, certain conditions may apply.

Claims Free Discount:  Some companies offer a discount if you are claims free for a certain number of years.

Away at University Discount:  Some companies offer up to a 50% discount if you have a child away at school over 100klm.

Good Student Discount:  Some companies offer a discount if your child is an honour student.

Hybrid or Electric Vehicle:  Some companies are environmentally conscious and offer a discount if you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Deductible:  The higher your deductible the lower your rates.  Some companies offer a “disappearing deductible” whereby no deductible applies if you are claims free for a number of years.

Alarm System:  Depending on the type of alarm you may be eligible for a discount.


Your Home


Mortgage Free Discount:  If you are mortgage free some companies offer discounts.

Newer Home Discount:  The newer your home the better your rate.

Claims Free Discounts:  The longer you go without a claim the better your rates.

Mature Age:  The older the better!

Renewal/Loyalty Discount:  The longer you are with the same company the better.

Customer Distinction:  Recognizes financial responsibility with a soft credit score – less likely for a non payment situation.

Non Smoker:  A discount may apply if you are a non smoker – recognizes the health conscious and cigarettes have been known to cause fires.

Multi-Line Discount:  Combining your automobile with your home insurer a discount may apply.

Stability:  The length of time you have lived in your home.

Septic System:  If you live in a rural area and are on a septic system a discount may apply.

Superiors Tanker Service:  Available for locations where the fire hall is equipped with accredited shuttle tanker services.

Monitored Fire and/or Burglar Alarm:  If you have a centrally monitored alarm system you may be eligible for a discount.

Newer Hot Water Tank:  If your hot water tank is under 8 years old some companies offer a discount.

Unfinished Basement:  Self explanatory – extent of water damage would be minimized.

Tankless Water Heater:  Water is not retained – water damage minimized.

Sump Pump:  Do you have an operational sump pump in your basement?  If so, a discount may apply.

Backwater Valve:  Has a backwater valve been installed on the main line?  If so, a discount may apply.

Concrete Foundation:  This is for mobile home owners.

Secured Site:  For vacation trailers & camper units.

Safety Course Credit:  For boat & motor policies.




Generally speaking, settlement of insurance claims are on a Replacement Cost basis. This means that in the event of a loss your property will be replaced new – with like, kind and quality. If you choose not to replace that old mattress in the basement with a new one, you can take the Actual Cash Value or depreciated amount of the mattress in cash.


This goes back to the theory of insurance whereby the indemnification process is to put you back into the same financial position as just prior to your loss – no more and no less. If you were to sell that old mattress because you do not want to replace it, you would not be selling it as if it were knew, therefore, the insurance company will only give you the depreciated amount.


That said, some companies are deciding that giving you the Replacement Value in cash, should be an option.


In the event of a total loss of your home, due to an insured peril, you may not want to rebuild the same. Perhaps you are a recent empty nester and would prefer something smaller or a bungalow. Perhaps you were planning on moving in the near future and don’t see the need to re-build. Well, some companies are now giving you the option of a Replacement CASH settlement – take the $$ and use it as you see fit. In the event of a partial or total loss of your personal property, due to an insured peril, some companies are giving you the option to take the Replacement Value in CASH, rather than the depreciated value if you do not wish to replace the item.






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