If an insurance loss occurs, remember to report it to us right away.  The sooner you report the insurance claim, the better we can serve you or protect your interests.

You can report an insurance claim to us by calling us at:  1-844-244-2470

Please be sure to have all the relevant information about the incident included in your insurance claim.  This will save time and help ensure your claim is processed promptly and accurately.  The following information is what we will require:

  • Insured Name
  • Insured Address
  • Contact Informaion (phone number and email)
  • Date & Time of Incident
  • Circumstances of Incident
  • List of Damages
  • Any other relevent information

Once we receive this information we will report it to your insurance company right away.  They will then assign an insurance adjuster who will contact you.  The insurance adjuster will guide you through the insurance claims process providing knowledgeable, courteous and professional service to help you recover from an unfortunate event.

In an after hours emergency you can contact your insurance company directly at:

Aviva 1-866-692-8482
Chubb 1-800-532-4822
Chieftain 1-800-265-4408
Dominion of Canada 1-800-265-4408
Economical 1-800-607-2424
Intact 1-866-464-2424
Pafco 1-800-387-0462
Pembridge 1-800-387-0462
Perth 1-800-607-2424
Royal & SunAlliance 1-800-319-9993
Royal Facility 1-800-319-9993
Unica 1-866-864-1113
Wawanesa 1-800-641-7988
Western Assurance 1-800-319-9993

In case of an emergency, insurance policies generally require that you take measures to protect your property from further loss.

We will do our very best to ensure your insurance claim is handled promptly and fairly.  Whether you are reporting a claim or just have a question, we are only a phone call away.

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